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Dennis Rhoades, DO


Hi! I am Dennis Rhoades, DO, a Family Practice physician trained in Osteopathy, a holistic approach to healing. I received my medical degree in 1982 and have been actively practicing since that time.

Currently, I am working for CareNow, a national Urgent Care company, as their South Atlantic Division Market Medical Director. I have devoted the last 39 years to caring for people by providing them with medical treatments and education. I have also lectured evening college courses and community groups related to integrative medicine and instructed medical students, doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in medical billing and coding applications. 

My journey through medicine started in second grade when I knew I wanted to be a doctor. As a ninth-grade student, the desire to be a healer was cemented in my psyche when I was injured in Gym class. The school sent me to their medical doctor who prescribed wet heat for my upper back sprain. Not feeling any better, my mother took me to the local Chiropractor and after one treatment, I had no pain. I knew then, there was definitely more than one way to approach healing. This desire drove me to seek out acceptance in a school that taught Osteopathic medicine. 

My desire for healing could not be contained and drove my pursuit to learn about ALL forms of healing. These investigations took me through herbal medicines, Reiki, chakras, music therapy, acupuncture, psychological healing and of course, manipulative therapy taught to me in Osteopathic medical school.

Those studies confirmed what I first thought in high school. Not only are there multiple philosophies on healing, but no one school is more important than the other as I hope to share with you.

Outside of my “day job,” I write Nonfiction related to the medical field as well as Fantasy and Science Fiction. I have a passion for performing and listening to music along with reading. For fun I enjoy watching shows on the paranormal.

I hope you enjoy this website and see it as a great resource to you.

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