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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dennis Rhoades and I welcome you to my site “The Roads to Holistic Happiness.”

My Mission: To educate, enlighten and energize the spirit of those who visit, while eradicating, excising and otherwise ending the excesses, habits and thinking that are counter to the natural layout of our body, brain and spirit.

This site’s GOAL: To share SIMPLE suggestions designed to promote improvements in every aspect of your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Why this site? I am a physician, trained in and practicing Osteopathic Medicine, specializing in Family Practice. For those not acquainted with Osteopathic medicine, there is an explanation below. Short answer, it is one of the first Holistic schools of medicine in the Western world.

Graduating in the early 1980’s, I have practiced in Pennsylvania, Georgia and South Carolina. I have met, treated and experienced tens of thousands of lives as they were born, as they grew and aged. I have treated people after accidents and illnesses. I also said goodbye to many, marveling at how people handle adversity, pain and loss.

Early in my career, I saw the wondrous miracles modern medicine provided. I also experienced the shortfalls of our healthcare system and the shortsighted thinking of a few of my colleagues. I decided in the late 1990’s to challenge my brain and medical education by learning as many medical practices and philosophies as possible. A few years ago, I was taking a course to understand medical billing and coding. An acquaintance asked, “When are you going to stop studying?” I told them, “Never. I want to keep learning until the day I am done here on this earth and after that. I hear God has one heck of a library.” So, if we are lucky enough to make it there, you will find me in the library, reading while holding a mug of coffee.

Throughout my learning, a few glaring truths shocked me into a new way of thinking. Most of our medical practices were NOT truly holistic (i.e. Taking in to account the whole body, mind and spirit when treating a patient.) AND, as healers, many medical providers were themselves not happy with what they did. As a result, I decided to fix my piece of the world. Once I started on that (and it is a continuing work in progress, just like learning), I felt compelled to share what I have learned with as many people as possible.

This being said, if you want to improve your health, improve your brain function, improve your spirit, learn SIMPLE solutions that will bring you BIG gains, this site is for you.

I WILL NOT sale you a “scientifically proven powder” to mix with water every morning while you stand on your right foot and chant the words to “Brave Sir Robin” from Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

I WILL NOT encourage you to purchase an expensive piece of equipment commercialized by a muscled professional trainer. (Since we all know they did not use that exercise machine to get their Mr. Universe body.)

I WILL NOT promise you massive amounts of weight loss, massive increases in your brain power, or the ability to leap great distances like a Jedi Knight. (Back flips not included).

BUT, citing scientific studies and almost 40 years of medical experience,

I WILL share with you SIMPE INEXPENSIVE changes in grocery shopping that will improve your health. Any weight loss is a side effect I cannot guarantee. (OK, I love peanut butter cups. We all have our addictions.)

I WILL share with you SIMPE INEXPENSIVE everyday activities that will help you stay active. (If you already do the Jedi back flip, you may be able to do it better).

I WILL share with you SIMPLE suggestions, based on how your body and brain interact, to improve your work habits to help you function smarter and more efficiently. (And get your projects done so the boss does not give you “Cranky face.”)

I WILL teach you the basics of SIMPLE meditation to improve mindfulness and emotions.

In short, I am inviting you to take a fun trip with me down the Roads (Yes, pun intended. For those of you who did not get it, check out my last name.) to understanding how you can make your body mind and spirit work together. As you visit each stop along our Roads, I hope you discover growth, happiness and contentment. It is in all of us. We sometimes need a map to find it.

Each week to 10 days I will post a new Blog on a subject related to the health of your body, mind or spirit. At the end of each, I will discuss that topic in a Holistic way so that the reader (that’s you) can understand how that subject impacts the WHOLE of YOU.

Your comments and suggestions are encouraged (

Until next time, remember…

Every day is a Good Day, Some are just “Gooder” that others!

Give Respect and Be Kind!

D. W. Rhoades


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